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Industrial Chemicals

We offer our customers in the industrial chemicals sector a comprehensive service package - from analyses and the preparation of compounds, right through to all-inclusive logistics. KSAN has at its disposal laboratory services sector. Analyses, specifications and gas-chromatografic studies of contamination all guarantee that the chemicals are according to specification.

Analytical sector gives additional service for our customers. You give us the recipe for a compound that you require - irrespective of solid or liquid, organic or inorganic - and we will make it up for you, delivering it to the destination of your choice in time.

The standards set by KSAN in the field of chemicals logistics not only relate to product quality, but also to the storage and delivery of chemicals. Our small but powerful logistics center placed in Riga ensure optimum proximity to the customer. We use services of reliable transport/ shipping companies, which ensures that supplies are delivered efficiently to the place where they are needed.

Our safety philosophy is at the root of the careful way in which we handle chemicals. KSAN has committed itself to continuously improve its own performance in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.


  • Solvents
  • Solids and salts
  • Cleaning and degreasing agents
  • Chemicals for chemical industry
  • Chemicals for household and car-care products


We have our own logistic solution service including:

  • Heavy lorries.
  • IMO-1 20’ stainless steel isotanks registred in BIC and our containers bears KSAU code.
  • New and returnable IBC’s for delivery goods to our customers in most convinient for them way.
  • Contracts with network of warehouses in Latvia to provide opimal logistic solutions.

Cooperation with the IBC’s producer „SCHUTZ” (Germany)

Our company deals as agent, providing sales and recycling of produced by Schutz IBCs. We also sell other Schutz products, such as plastic drums.

Specialty Chemicals

We consider specialty chemicals as being future-oriented products requiring a great deal of informative work, whereby we not only sell the goods but also use our specialist knowledge and the service that we offer in the chemicals logistics sector.

Our customers have an optimum solution from a single supplier - all-inclusive supply chain management. This includes the delivery of specialty products, product development and all of the supplementary services associated with chemicals logistics, such as stock and inventory management or invoicing. That reduces the costs incurred by our customers and suppliers and increases their profitability.

Specialty Chemicals

  • Paints, varnish, inks
  • Building industry
  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharma

In-house Laboratory

Our increasing focus on quality control demands every material from our warehouse passes the full cycle of standard tests. According to ISO 9001:2000 standard we have a special procedure which describes in details all chain of operations.

Laboratory Equipment

    for determination of water and other admixtures in solvents
  • GC/MS (GLC on capillary column with mass-spectrometer as detector)
  • Classic analyses (COLOR by Hazen, density, refraction)

On-demand testing

By our customer special demand we are always ready to test their samples in order to determine it chemical components to find a similar material suitable for their use.

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